This is the current apparatuses that are in use at the fire house.    Click on the pictures to enlarge and read details about the trucks

2008 Ford F-350 Four Door.  Used for Incident Command Vehilce and Traffic Control on accidents.  This truck has several Accident Ahead signs and tries to slow vehilces down before approaching a accident.
1992 Ford F-350 Fast Attack with a 300 gallon water tank.
1981 Ford F-600 with a 1200 gallon tank.
1999 Ford F-350 4 door.  Fast Attack with 300 gallons of water.
1998 GMC with 1000 gallon tank with a 1000 Gallon Per Minute Pump.  This truck is used for structure fires and carries SCBA.  This Truck was purchased with a grant.
This is a 2008 F-550 Fast Attack.  This truck has a 500 gallon tank.  This truck is equiped with a Jaws of Life and the firemen stand behind the cab to fight fire with the assistance of a water nozzle on the front of the truck controlled by the driver in the cab.
This is a 1981 La France Ladder truck.  This trucks ladder will extend 75ft with water at the top of the ladder
This is a 2007 Peterbilt Tanker.  It hold 3500 gallons of water.  We are able to drop 2 3500 gallon portable tanks to leave water on scene and go refill the truck.  This truck is also used on accidents for protection of the Ambulance's and Crews.  This truck was purchased with the help of a grant.
This is a old milk truck that was donated to the fire department. We have done some motification to the truck and holds 3000 gallons of water
Missing pictures:
2013 Ford F-550 Extrication Truck
2015 Ford F-550 Fast Attack
1921 REO Truck
1989 Chevy Flatbed used for Firemen's Races
​Incident Command Truck